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This project was completed in China over December 2015 on the Prime Minister's Asia Scholarship. This installation was inspired by the five days we spent in Beijing and aims to confront the viewer with an art piece that reflects the startling levels of air quality pollution.  


In collaboration with Lachlan Philipson, a Visual Design Communication student, we materialised five patterns, each one representing a day spent in Beijing. The patterns were generated using China’s air quality monitoring data as variables in a drawing algorithm. Using my Textile Design knowledge and Lachlan's Visual design skills our installation brings these issues onto a tangible surface that the audience can see, touch, smell and interact with. The prints have an organic flow, they move fluidly and loosely across the fabric to create awareness of the issues of consumerism and waste. Our project looks to spark discussion and make people question their surroundings as well as question their own impact on the environment.

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