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Story Behind The Collection

Escape the hustle and bustle of the busy city and step inside a world of calm cool serenity with my interior design collection, Dusk.


It may be a drive, but it’s worth it once Dusk comes around and you grab your blankets and head down to the beach, to watch the stunning colours of the sun set against the crashing waves. What better place to enjoy dinner than on the abundance of driftwood lining our New Zealand shores?

My three samples focus on different applications and can all be used within the same room. My first fabric has been designed for pillows and incorporates all colours from my palette, focusing on the colours seen within the shoreline and the textures of the wood. My second sample is inspired from the driftwood logs and can be seen here used for a bedroom throw. Focusing on the unique twists and turns created within the wood and the dark brown gaps that are left remaining. My final fabric sample replicates the crashing waves and sunset, with the end purpose of blinds. This material is much thinner,and has a transparent aspect, allowing light to flow into a room. 

I was drawn to the luxury and classic elegance of C & C Milano’s brand and wanted to portray a sense of tranquility and this same luxury within my designs. My colour palette uses soft, warm tones of beige and dusty blue, with hints of brown to reflect the driftwood and camel pink to accentuate the sunset. I have chosen these colours as the New Zealand market loves neutral tones, especially greys and blues which are in tune with my chosen site; Paekakariki beach.

I have tried to create a feeling of movement within my collection to reflect the ever-changing motions of the shoreline. This movement helps evoke a calm relaxing energy amongst my designs. This bespoke collection, dusk  is uniquely New Zealand - Aotearearoa, referencing our strong connection and aroha for the waters that surround us.


Eclectic Allyway

Inspired from the textures and colours found around one of the many entrance ways into Newtown's townbelt. These two weave samples encorporate materials from from the site, and aim to capture the rough aesthetic of the allyway.

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